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Barbara J. Riegle
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A Tribute to Tegan

Regalaire Duke of Blue Erin, C.D., C.G.C., T.D.I., Delta Society
Tegan has always been a special dog. He distinguished himself by being the prettiest male in a very large litter. He grew to become a fun loving companion with a big heart. During the time of his adolescence he was stricken with osteosarcoma. What a heartbreak this was for all of Tegan's friends and his owners, Fred and Marilyn Putz. One could not have wished for better adoptive parents then Fred and Marilyn. They were not about to lose their special boy. If it weren't for the great love and determination that they had, Tegan would not have enjoyed life as an older dog. Tegan's leg was amputated and then these resourceful owners decided to train Tegan to be a therapy dog. Tegan's mission was to help people who needed him. When he made his trips to hospitals and homes for the aged he set an example of what it is like to be stricken with an illness yet still able to enjoy life. Tegan became one of the renoun therapy dogs in the country. His incredible story along with pictures of him and his dedicated owners is featured in a book in addition to numerous articles.